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I Will Not Be Eaten

Girl. Yes.

The voices of little girls are so powerful and profound because they haven’t yet been completely eaten away at by social conditioning. 

“I am a rich pie filled with knowledge. I will not be eaten.” Holy fuck my new motto.

Transcription (with original line breaks):

The true feminine

I am not sugar and
spice and everything nice.
I am music, I am art.
I am a story. I am a
church bell, gonging out wrongs
and rights and normal nights.
I was baby. I am child. I will
be mother. I don’t mind being
considered beautiful, I do not
allow that to be my
definition. I am a rich
pie strong with knowledge. I
will not be eaten.

i’m not kidding, this poem shook me to my core. it inspired me more than any famous poet in the past few months. this little girl is going to influence the world in such a beautiful way.

little girls are gonna rule the goddamn world

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